Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Swamp Cabbage

Swamp Cabbage has moved:


Sarah said...

I've been waiting for someone, anyone to create something that I could show to my friends here in Chicago and say "THIS is the Florida I know. . ." Tubing down the Itchetucknee, boiled peanuts from a pickup truck on 301, fried gator tail and cottonmouths as long my Prius. Thanks for making this and hope it comes to Chicago! -Sarah (Gainesville)

P.S. Please tell Marlan I say "hey". He was a grade ahead of me at CIM.

Russell Maycumber said...

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Debi Boyetteyes!!!!
Yesterday at 4:59pm · Delete

Holli Corbettit totally feels close to home : ) thx for posting!
Yesterday at 5:04pm · Delete

Brit Oakleyooh, good!
Yesterday at 5:09pm · Delete

Tammie M GirtmanI LOVE swamp cabbage! I think it is illegal to gather but pretty damn good!
Yesterday at 5:42pm · Delete

Kathryn StewartWhaaaaats theeeesa? Swamp cabbage?
Yesterday at 6:19pm · Delete

John MilanHow did you find this one ? Very interesting, and a bit sad, but I believe she is creative.
Yesterday at 9:34pm · Delete
Aaron Johnsonthat ain't no fritter!
Wed at 11:55pm

Ruz Cumbre fuck
Yesterday at 12:41am · Delete

Kathleen Hudspeth !!
Yesterday at 8:46am

Chris IngallsSO GOOD. BUT NOT GOOD FOR YOU. kudos to you two.
Yesterday at 9:10am

Darren C PriceThis is crazy!
Yesterday at 9:23am

Just thought I'd share.

mega said...

can you please tell me who is the musician/singer at the end of the trailer? thank you

F Daum said...

I lived in Orange Park, which wasn't "hick" like the next town over -- Middleburg. The cool kids were skaters & surfers, and the others were hick.